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As the leading NetSuite partner in Denmark, we've helped a wide range of customers with successful NetSuite implementations. At Omnit we provide all the services you would need to implement NetSuite into your business model. The transition between an existing platform and a new system can be time-consuming, troublesome and will demand patience, skills and a ton of preparation. Which is why we at Omnit will be there helping you make the transition to NetSuite as smooth and easy for you as possible. We make sure you have all the tools and skills needed, for NetSuite to work optimally for your company. This includes services such as:

  • An assessment of your businessmodel and the goals and visions you possess for your system optimization
  • Identify challenges in your current processes, and configurate solutions based on NetSuite leading practice
  • Adaption of the system to your needs and necessities, along with integration of needed third-party applications
  • Clarity regarding future needs and phases of implementation of NetSuite

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We would like to make sure that you use the NetSuite system at its full potential - which is why its essential that the system is personalized for your exact needs and goals. How your current technology, processes and automations work, can have major impact in how your system could be optimzed and adapted. The adaption could be anything from a specific drop-down menu, to tailored forms. NetSuite has build-in basic pages and flows - but can at any time be adapted and scaled for your business needs.

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NetSuite is an open and very flexible system. This means that you at any time can have other third-party applications integrated, and have all your data gathered in one place - at NetSuite.

We have alot of experience with different integrations, from banking integrations to stock- and salessystems. To have all your data gathered in one place, at NetSuite, will improve your dataanalysis significantly.

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We are experienced NetSuite partners at Omnit, and our focus lies with helping businesses understanding their NetSuite system as good as possible. Naturally, we would like to teach you.

As your partner we offer extensive training and education in everything that has to do with your NetSuite system and account. From online training to physical workshops in all the different modules NetSuite contains. This could be anything from the correct use of the stockmodule, to how your financial department optimizes their use of the system.

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As soon as your NetSuite account is up and running, and your personnel is trained in the systems, we will be by your side as external administrators/NetSuite partners. We will be your go-to for counselling or technical support regarding your account or data. Do you need further training? Worry not, we're not farther than a call away.

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