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Omnits independent journey started in the spring of 2022, where we spread our wings, and flew away from the company where we started - Retio. It was about time our substantial expertise and knowledge stood on it's own two feet, and from there - Omnit was born.

Our focus lies with helping businesses on their digital business journey - primarily with the ERP system NetSuite, in which we are certified alliance partners . We can integrate, implement, support, consult - as a customer at Omnit you get a NetSuite partner "for life", and we are with you the entire way. It's important to us to form trustworthy relationships with our customers, so we can be side by side from the beginning to the end - as a customer at Omnit, you're not just getting a one time thing.

We are all in all 9 employees, who are passionate about development, digital transformations and of course NetSuite 😉.
At Omnit we just want to be the best - and the only way to be the best, is if our employees are in their right element. Our culture is relaxed, open and very flexible - our employees work from where ever it fits them best. At home, at the office, at a coffee shop or the library - the location of our employees aren't as important as they are.

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We are ambitious, and we aren't afraid to aim high, to remain one of the best in the business!

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At Omnit we are certified NetSuite partners - and actually one of the only in Denmark.

But while that word is all good and fancy, what does it mean? What does it mean for you, as a customer, that we are partners? Do you actually need help from a NetSuite partner, to implement NetSuite?

A NetSuite implemenation partner

At Omnit we are certified NetSuite alliance partners. That means we are certified experts in ERP and implementation of NetSuite. As a partner we recieve continuos training and counseling in the NetSuite system, so we always have the newest knowledge in our backpack when we help our customers. With a partner by your side, you'll be sure to have qualified and updated knowledge, that makes sure you and your business safely and smoothly goes through the implementation of your new system. Partners are experts in NetSuite, and we know exactly where to look, to find the solutions for your business challenges.

A partner also know their way around the system, and can always consult you in your decisions regarding NetSuite and its modules.

Can you implement NetSuite without any help?

The short answer is yes, and the longer answer would be no, you should seek out help from a NetSuite certified partner. To implement NetSuite takes a substantial amount of training, knowledge and preparation - something you should research thoroughly, before you create your implementation team. A trained partner have many years of training in identifying problems in business processes, and it can be difficult to look at your own processes with the same critical eye, as an external consultant would.

Besides, with a partner you'll have continuos support afterwards, so you always have someone to reach out to if you experience problems or worries. Perhaps you'll end up needing personalizations and modules later on, in your new NetSuite system, and a partner is trained and certified in exactly that.

Let go of the headaches and worries, we are good at what we do at Omnit - and we LOVE it!

Should we help you and your business get started with NetSuite?

We are always ready for a meeting to discuss your current situation and needs. Our employees are located around the country - and we can meet at our offices, online or on-site at your company.

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